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Our Products: DIGICAMPUS


Our products are designed to provide highly flexible and configurable solutions to our customers. Service based architecture allow customers to choose services as per their needs keeping the solution running in optimized mode always.




  • Electronic Dashboard for Students, Parents and Employees
  • Assignment Creating and Response, captured electronically
  • One click Attendance Marking
  • Time table – auto populated with option to customize
  • Enterprise solution for End to End solution for any educational institute
  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile versions
  • Intelligence system to control alerts
  • Secure and Reliable

Loosely coupled services

Each and every service is defined in such a way that it covers the required function it itself. No dependency at all in any form to other services. Pure Microservice based architecture independent of any device.

Pick and Choose functions

Services designed in a fashion that customer can pick and choose any service required, giving flexibility to customers to pay for only services which are relevant as per their business needs.

Access Management

All services, systems controlled by defined Access control. Sophisticated and secure Authentication and Authorization services in place.

Automatic Attendance

One click attendance marking. Target it to automate attendance to have seamless making with minimum or no manual intervention.

WOW Digital Experience

System and services are designed to give rich and usable visual experience to end customers.

Define your rules

Rule engine defined to cover Admin section, to authorize users as per their role and authority in the organization.